How was it for other people?

I feel I judged it unfairly because I had just finished Game of Thrones and the differences in production quality were extreme. I enjoyed the characters and the story. Maybe at a different juncture in my watching I would have received it better.

I don't want to say it's shit when it's not. It just wasn't as visually pleasing and as in depth as the book material as the couple months I'd just spent watching another show with a much bigger budget.

I have not watched the follow up movie yet.

"She paints, she reads, she lights things on fire."

I might have to check out this series, I had no clue about it until I saw this thread.

It's completely news to me. I guess the movie Seven Kings Must Die wraps it up and that's the follow up movie you are referring to?

I was this cool the whole time.

Yes, Sir.  :)

"She paints, she reads, she lights things on fire."