Isn't he a lady now? Or were you all just trolling me?  :laughing: This is what I was told anyway...

Quote from: Key on May 11, 2024, 06:20 PMI mean, at that point you're just poking the bear. Just move on from MB and enjoy what you've created here. I see no reason to create a potential feud with another forum. Thinking this would be a positive move to contact the owner of the forum we moved away from is rather silly.

MB diss track perhaps?

This Kendrick and Drake shit has been OK I guess but let's give the fans some real drama.

Only God knows.

If we're going to do this we need volunteers to wear MB uniforms and pretend to attack us so we can make a pretext for war! Meh, those tumbleweed don't stand a chance. They'll be easy to outwit in a combat situation.

The Yac account on mb was taken over by a new lady, yes. Yac the man is still a man.

a particle; a fragment of totality

It is a little sad to see MB in the state that it's in given its history tho I suppose if you neglect something for so long it reaches its inevitable fate. I'm all for a diss track tho. That'd be dope.

I think the diss track would be funny, but what current MB people would it even be dissing? K-Addict? That person who writes Axl Rose fanfiction? The site owners? I think the fact that barely anyone uses their website anymore is the greatest diss of all, lol.

"stressed" is just "desserts" spelled backwards

I must say, this is all very diss track-ting.
Sorry, sorry.

Quote from: Trollheart on May 12, 2024, 12:25 AMI must say, this is all very diss track-ting.
Sorry, sorry.

This is a rather diss-turbing post

Diss town ain't big enough for the both of us

I used to have dysphoria, now I'm gonna diss forums, yah

"stressed" is just "desserts" spelled backwards

The only forum rap battles ever worth having were those we had on MB with elph and Charles

I'm all for the 'just move on from mb' sentiment (which is why I was sassing at DJ earlier in this thread) but if people really insist on doing the diss thing again, just as an scd thing, I might join

I'll be honest, I have a lot to thank MB for. Over the roughly twelve years I was there I grew up musically, learning to listen to new things, and also learning that no matter how much I told people about my favourite artists, nobody wanted to know.

MB failed due to a lack of interest and a kind of "lunatics have taken over the asylum" mentality, something Batty tried to bring here but was firmly slapped down and took his ball and went home. While there were some really great mods, some of them were, well, not great, resulting in people getting bullied and ostracised (nothing worse than being turned into a flightless bird) and the whole thing sort of collapsing under the weight of its own smugness and lack of interest. For all that, for a long time it was a great place to hang out and talk and argue, and just personally, I wouldn't be dissing it. It became what it became, which is a tragedy, but not necessarily its fault.

To paraphrase the series Red Dwarf: Music Banter is only guilty of being Music Banter. That is its blessing. It is also its curse.

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The only tragedy here is your attempt to merge the Yorick skull scene from Hamlet with something called Red Dwarf

(and please, scd was not even capable of firmly slapping down OccultHawk's flaccid little penis)