I have noticed lately that it's so hard to keep track of all the good shows and even original movies that certain streaming platforms exclusively showcase.

I need a place to have like a good master list of different shows and which streaming platform to find them on. Of course if you have magic sticks none of this matters but for the people that prefer to do things legally. I figured it would be nice to have one place to look and see which shows are on which streaming platforms.

So feel free to help me compile this list of shows that you love and which platform you are able to stream them from.

Twisted Metal(Peacock)
The Righteous Gemstones(Max)
Ahsoka(Disney +)
Loki Season 2 (Disney +)
American Horror Story: Delicate (Hulu)

I was this cool the whole time.

This has been an eternally frustrating thing for us. We're on a pretty strict budget and we prefer to do things legally as well, so we've had to swap out services several times.

There's a decent amount of good stuff on Youtube as "free with ads". And for weirdos like us who like offbrand low budget schlock, there's a ton of obscure and weird stuff on random Youtube uploads and archive dot org as well.

I find it handy to google what platforms certain movies are on even though it can certainly be cumbersome.