Post the last documentary you watched, give us a short explanation of what it is and whether it was any good.

If you saw anything great, post it in here so we can see it too.

I haven't watched a documentary for a long time and I need a 'hit'.

@jadis plane doc is on the watch list.

Only God knows.

Here's a documentary on electronic music from 1979, absolute vintage gold for sound nerdos like myself.

I saw Vice's documentary on Liberian warlords after it was mentioned by someone here, I think @Toy Revolver and @jimmy jazz.

The last documentary I really liked was My Octopus Teacher, which is on Netflix. I'd love to live right next to the ocean and go cold-water swimming with the marine invertebrates every day.

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QuoteMy Octopus Teacher

good one

The last one I watched was Gamestop: Rise of the Players.

It pretty much chronicles my journey into becoming a day trader. I missed the intial run up of Gamestop but I did hop on the AMC train just in time.

I loved this documentary though if you were curious about the details behind the shorts and retail traders rising then check it out.

I was this cool the whole time.

I'll share my most favorite documentary series by Kirby Ferguson who made his work free to the public. For 12 years Ferguson produced a miniseries titled, Everything Is A Remix.

Originally created in 2011, Ferguson remixed, reworked, and republished newer versions of the series in 2015 and 2021, and then finalized the series in 2023. The ultimate iteration featured a closing segment on emerging technologies of Artificial Intelligence and their impacts on creativity.

The original 2011 version spent more time exploring the origins of rock & roll music and dissecting how Star Wars was constructed scene-for-scene from Flash Gordon serials and from Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey as described in The Power of Myth, and closed the film segment examining how Tarantino's Kill Bill was the closest thing Hollywood had to a mashup. These segments were trimmed from later versions of the film and instead incorporated content like the creative animation of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, gaming, and meme culture before closing with a feature on AI.

Here is the final version of the film:

Everything is a Remix (Complete Updated 2023 Edition)

Ferguson also regularly released minisodes while producing the series. My favorite of these shorts is this one on The Matrix from 2011:

(I'm like this all the time.)

Quote from: Psy-Fi on Jun 26, 2023, 07:01 PMOliver Stone Sounds Off on How 'Idiots' in Showbiz Nearly Sank 'Nuclear Now' Doc

Listening to Oliver Stone bitch about violence in movies has always made me laugh. Motherfucker, you wrote Scarface.

This is what you want. This is what you get.

How Crazy Eddie Built a $160 Million Empire of Fraud

Recently watched this one about Eddie "Crazy Eddie" Antar and the electronics retail chain he founded and built into a multi-million dollar chain which was based on fraud. Quite entertaining and comical even though he was a greedy, reprehensible huckster.

FIRST CALL - A documentary about people who drink in bars in the morning in New York City (2000)

Filmed in B&W which gives it a bit more of an old-school style documentary vibe.

Hope to watch this later tonight, a BBC Africa documentary about The Black Axe, which is a Nigerian death cult/international cartel/student org

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Documentary about the making of my favorite PC game of all time, 'Titanic: Adventure out of Time'

Quote from: jadis on Aug 29, 2023, 07:31 PMHope to watch this later tonight, a BBC Africa documentary about The Black Axe, which is a Nigerian death cult/international cartel/student org

Hey, seems interesting. Let me know what you think 🙂

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Las Vegas 1950s: What Was Las Vegas Like In The 1950's

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This came out a couple of years ago but I only got around to watching this week.
This is great, this is Mike D & Ad Rock onstage in front of live audience going through the history of the band by telling stories and using video clips. They go through everything from their very beginnings as a punk band, their early fame, signing to and leaving Def Jam, The failure of Paul's Boutique and their rise again in the 90s, to the death of Adam Yauch, who is very much on stage with them in spirit. There's even a cameo by Steve Buscemi. Sometimes I could not believe the two well spoken middle aged men on stage were the same mouthy two kids who wrote the Licence To Ill album. Also it's directed by Spike Jonze.

I really enjoyed this, the 2 hours running time just flew by.