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Quote from: Mrs. Waffles on Nov 14, 2023, 10:06 PMThank you! It was certainly refreshing. Glad you are enjoying your chai latte as well!

Apple cider is great! I am planning to have some sparkling apple cider as a non-alcoholic option at the Christmas party, in fact. As far as party drinks go, back when I was underage I would always have a Shirley Temple at our old family Christmas parties, so now that I'm not drinking in most situations I think I'd love to bring that tradition back and have that at the party.

I've never used ice with milk, but I drink exclusively skim milk and I think a frosty glass of that with ice actually sounds really good! I'd love to try it, I'm making a lemon chicken dish with a side of peas tonight, I think it might go well with that. Thanks for the shout!

We always have Martinelli's sparkling apple cider at Christmas, Mrs. Waffles!  And Shirley Temples are a great idea for your party.  Maraschino cherries!  I used to feel grown up if someone gave me one of those.  I remember once about age 6 I was out with my grandfather on errands and he surreptitiously stopped in a bar (unbeknownst to grandma, who didn't want him to drink) to see his friends - and they propped me up on a stool and gave me a Shirley Temple and made a bit of a fuss.  I was staying at my grandparents that night, and as my grandmother was putting sponge rollers in my hair at bedtime (ha!) she asked what I and my grandfather did while we were out, and I absentmindedly (and sleepily) said, "Oh, I had a Shirley Temple...".  I knew immediately that I had made a big mistake (he told me earlier not to mention to grandma ???) and all hell broke loose after that! :o  It became a funny family story later on but wasn't at all funny at the time.   

Skim milk's good with ice cubes - I drink that sometimes, and also 2% with ice.  I usually use 2% because I don't care for skim in cereal.  Dinner tonight sounds delicious, Mrs. Waffles - enjoy it with hubby!!   :love:

Something that must be a lot more fun in the US is all the options. Today, I got a craving for cranberry juice. It used to be Ocean Spray was the only one available - and not at every store either. Now I had an extra, cheaper store brand option as well, but went with Ocean Spray.

It's nice with ice. Wonder if it might be good to mix it with tonic 🤔

Happiness is a warm manatee

Tore, you tastemaker, I just returned from the cafeteria with cranberry juice in hand.

I guess you're right - we do have a lot of brands here in the USA! USA!

Now drinking this on ice.  Never had this particular Langers brand before, and it is very tart! ???

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First time I'm drinking Olipop's Strawberry Vanilla flavor.  Far too sweet for me.  So far I haven't liked the Olipop flavors much.  I think I'll stick to my favorite, Poppi's Raspberry Rose flavor, from now on. 

Love this and drink it often.  Usually get it at the cafeteria at work, but may start stocking a bit of it at home. 

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peace tea again

When it comes to Cranberry juice. I like straight up Cranberry but I tend to opt for Cran Apple or Cran Mango.

The one with lime is great also but I haven't seen that specific one in awhile and yes Ocean Spray brand.

I was this cool the whole time.

Quote from: Mindy on Nov 19, 2023, 07:29 PMpeace tea again

Still need to try this - I'm on a Peace mission to do so.  :D

Quote from: DJChameleon on Nov 20, 2023, 04:49 PMWhen it comes to Cranberry juice. I like straight up Cranberry but I tend to opt for Cran Apple or Cran Mango.

The one with lime is great also but I haven't seen that specific one in awhile and yes Ocean Spray brand.

Yes, with Cranberry juice, especially if it's the "pure" type, it helps to have another juice mixed in to offset the tartness.  I like Cran Grape.  Funny, I love Grape juice, but on its own sometimes it upsets my stomach; yet Cran and Grape together is fine for me.  And whatever juice I'm drinking, I must add ice cubes to water it down. 

Now drinking Teas' Tea green tea on ice.

I used to get cranberry apple a lot in my college era, now I've got a hankering for it again, thanks @DJChameleon @ribbons !

Today I woke up pretty early and I have a lot of work to do so this morning the mister said I could have a monster. So I'm currently drinking this.

Ooh, Mango Loco  :laughing:

Went to a British tea restaurant yesterday and drank a whole pot of caffeinated Earl Grey.  Should have asked for decaf, because I was up until 4:00 am!  Fortunately I'm working remotely this week (along with all other staff) pre-Thanksgiving.  It's nice to work in pj's.  :)

Thanksgiving day I got my day drinking on with some scotch and smirnoff ice in Tall Boy cans.

I was this cool the whole time.