One of my all time favorite bands and one of the greatest things about UK postpunk. Siouxsie Sioux was the superstar frontwoman, the creative kernel was her and bassist & fellow founding member Steven Severin, Budgie was the virtuoso drummer and then there was the revolving door of guitarists, including superstars like John McGeoch and one Robert Smith.

At their best, the mix of punk kicks, avant-garde noise and goth atmosphere was pretty fucking irresistible

This the the McGeoch era lineup

This is the early, pre-Budgie lineup, which broke up after 2 albums

And we all know who this is

I'll be posting facts and songs I love, starting with one of their slower numbers. I think it's about having an orgasm as a result of fucking??

Chasing a monsoon over the dune
Oh fly me to the moon, get me there soon
I don't have to prove I'll last longer than you

Great band! One of my favorite Banshees tracks:

Lovely music.

Only God knows.

Quote from: SGR on Mar 27, 2023, 11:13 PMGreat band! One of my favorite Banshees tracks:

That was the song and the album that got me into them.

This is what you want. This is what you get.

^ it's  great single

This is a great single that never was

Their cover of Dear Prudence is better than the original  8)

Only God knows.

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I know them and like some of their songs, but never took the plunge. Maybe that can be rectified.

Happiness is a warm manatee

One of their best pop singles. The keyboard riff was written by the guitarist, which is why it sounds a lot like a Cure single from 1983-5 

This is heavier and darker and one of my faves

Have to hold off on vids.

But favorite Siouxsie songs are Playground Twist and Arabian Knights

The Word has spoken :D

This was the first song I heard by them shortly after it was released...

Siouxsie and The Banshees — Christine

I've been a fan ever since.

Don't come at me with those oh but they're aren't goth actually "caveats"... Not interested. All I know is that this is one of the all time goth bangers

None of the biggest goth bands are goth, it seems. So Siouxsie isn't goth? Neither is The Cure according to Robert Smith. Or Sisters of Mercy, according to Andrew Eldritch.

Poor goths.

Happiness is a warm manatee

My favorite goth band is Fleetwood Mac.

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