Can't believe April is almost upon us already. And that means it's time for us to come up with a theme for the monthly contest.

So put your nominees here in this thread you gherkins. I'll allow as many as three per member and we'll put it to a vote on, say the 25th?

And I'll start with an Easter theme naturally, killer rabbits.

And my second nominee will be a date with the devil.

And I'll also need April judges.

So who's ready? :D

The Word has spoken :D

Surely you need to see if this works for March before thinking of April? I'd wait and see how this goes before jumping into another contest.

If I do that, then we have to wait until May. That makes no sense.

The Word has spoken :D

No you wouldn't. Just see if some more entries come in for March, to see if it's going to be popular enough to be run monthly. It's only March 16, halfway through the month. Plenty of time. But whatever; I just don't see the response as being that great to believe this will keep going every month. Hopefully I'm wrong.

You might not be; even WF had a hard time getting takers, but one can always hope.

The Word has spoken :D

Let me throw a theme in then: how about greed?

That's three so far. How about some more themes, people? :D

The Word has spoken :D

In the spirit of Easter, I'll suggest the theme death penalty 🙂

Happiness is a warm manatee

Well I thought of a good premise for loss so I'm gonna go with loss.