On the topic of information that humanity at large is not able to handle in any kind of healthy way, biological differences between groups of people - sensibly defined or not - may be found on the very top.

It supports and enables things like hate, racism or the persecution of religious or political groups.

A thread about ChatGPT and its instructions in terms of how it talks about race could be valid, but the topic should be handled with extreme care as it likely to be considered very offensive to many people. This thread and its creation has not been worded or created with care.

I don't want to outlaw any topic, but we have to be mindful of others in how we approach and discuss them. To my mind, this is simply not good enough. From my own utilitarian point of view, I'm having a hard time justifying its continued existence. If we're to discuss these kind of topics, we have to raise the bar in terms of how we communicate.

I will lock this for now by moving it to the Thread Graveyard, but am open to your PMs.

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