@ Janszoon, Guybrush and interloper: all books and authors I've never heard of, except of course Breakfast at Tiffany's. I also saw the movie, but watching it with friends after a night in the pub means that I don't remember anything about it, apart from Audrey Hepburn's looks. I would, on the other hand, totally recommend Capote's In Cold Blood, which is an extensive factual examination of a murder.

Of the books you three have mentioned, I think J's The House Of Broken Angels sounds most appealing. Sorry, interloper, but that well-chosen phrase, "chipping away" = total red flag for me ;)

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I read Angela Carter's Black Venus and liked it quite a lot. I don't always like the writing - sometimes it veers off into silly pretentious nonsense à la Bob Dylan, but usually it's nice and I like how coherent the stories are as a whole, all focusing on female (primal) power and sexuality, and I think she captures the male perception of that very well: a mix of awe, fetishization, discomfort, and fear that Simone de Beauvoir would have loved

Currently reading Scott Pilgrim. I saw the movie but never read the graphic novel that it was based off on. I'm halfway through Volume 1. Maybe I forgot if they did it in the movie also but didn't realize it had a fourth wall breaking aspect to it.

I was this cool the whole time.

Quote from: Janszoon on Mar 27, 2024, 03:03 PMIt digs a decent amount into her background and that's definitely the saddest stuff. She's also not particularly likeable in the book, I'm not sure how much of that was intentional and how much of that is the book showing its age. One thing that was interesting was the character of Yunioshi. Though I've never seen the movie, I've seen clips of the racist caricature that he was on screen. It's such a weird decision because in the book he's an American guy of Japanese descent, so the accent and clothing wouldn't have made sense even if they were done in a less racist way.

That part of the movie obviously hasn't aged well, but is pretty funny in an outrageous bad taste kind of way. Like even for its time, why would they do this?

It's a while since I saw it now, but I think the worst thing one might say about Holly is she left her kids behind for what.. to be a wannabe socialite trying to live out a fantasy in an apartment somewhere? The goal doesn't seem to quite justify the means based on the information you get in the movie. 🤔

But then of course it's Audrey Hepburn and she sings Moon River while playing a guitar and you can't help but get a little smitten.

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I decided to celebrate my new career with a literary treasure. Having already amassed a complete bibliography of one of my most-beloved science fiction writers, I thought I'd take my collection to the next level with a hardcover of my favorite oversized omnibus of Ray Bradbury's short stories signed by the late, great author, himself.

The Stories of Ray Bradbury is an anthology containing 100 of his tales, first published by Knopf in 1980. The hundred stories, written from 1943 to 1980, were selected by the author. And my copy is signed. Bradbury passed away in 2012 at the age of 91.

Thank you for inspiring a magical perspective of this beautiful world, Ray. <3

(I'm like this all the time.)

I read Terrortome and this is the direct sequel/ continuation, so of course I had to buy it.

If you're not familiar with Garth Marenghi, maybe you should watch this.

Basically a parody of Stephen King and possibly Clive Barker, Garth is a narcissistic, fictional horror writer who heavy-handedly uses every horror cliché and who, in Terrortome, uses himself as the protagonist through his paper thin alter ego Nick Steen.

Nick Steen is also a successful horror writer with a skin condition, but he has the additional problem of his fiction coming to life due to his sexual relationship with a demonic typewriter and the events that unfold from that.

It's a bit difficult to explain, but rather a fun read.

Happiness is a warm manatee

Chuck Palahniuk - Consider This
World Class Tennis Technique - Paul Roetert
More cooking books than is probably necessary, as I'm still re-jigging my diet to help lose ~5kg.  :laughing: