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Mar 02, 2024, 05:58 PM
Thanks for that Tore. I remember grindy correcting me on something else, like freiheit means freedom or fantasy or something; always good to get it right. Still, "at bow's end"? What exactly would that mean? Unless it's bow as in take a bow? After the performance? Anyway, whatever bow, bow or rainbow these guys are at the end of, I sure don't want to be there. Yes, this is the problem with lists like these. If you look back at the last three albums I've done yesterday, I really didn't like any of them. But they're on the list so have to be done. Just proves that despite what some people think, prog is a pretty varied and eclectic genre, and there's a whole slew of stuff in there that I would never listen to, given a choice, and would challenge their inclusion on the list. But then, what do I know?

Album title: Khaooohs and Kon-Fus-Ion
Artist: Pan.Thy.Monium
Nationality: Swedish
Sub-genre: Experimental/Post-Metal
Year: 1996
Position on list for that year: 6
Chronology: 3 of 3
Familiarity with artist: Zero
Familiarity with album: Zero
Gold Rated track(s): Behrial
Silver Rated track(s): The Battle of Geeheeb
Wooden Rated track(s):
Comments: Jesus popping wheelies on a brand-new Harley heading down the Lincoln Tunnel at midnight munching a Big Mac! You have got to be fucking kidding me! I just endured almost an hour of this shit and here we are again with another one! What are the chances? God have mercy on my ears! I suppose at least there are only four tracks, but then one is twelve minutes long and one is almost fifteen, so it's hardly a let-off for me, is it? Then again, compared to the just-short-of-an-hour I struggled through on the last one, half an hour is certainly more doable, I would hope. I will say that any album that credits one of the band with "noises" sends something of a cold shiver down my spine. Oh hell, at least it opens with a big guitar riff not a million miles away from the start of Lizzy's "Whiskey in the Jar", but I'm pretty sure I can hear those lovely animalistic growls I so enjoy in vocals, so again, could be a bumpy ride.

Well there's no denying the skill on those guitars and we have synth too, so if you kind of ignore the guy growling the vocals - and they're very low and obviously completely impossible to make out any words in - it's not too bad. I could do without my other favourite thing, wild, frenetic horns, but hey, you can't have everything. Or indeed, sometimes, anything. There is, rather weirdly, a very Alan Parsons Project rhythm halfway into the first track, that twelve-minuter, and despite some crazy sounds and those squealing horns, I'd have to say I'm not yet compelled to claw my own ears off with a fork. I mean, it's hardly a ringing endorsement, I know, but it's the best I can do at this point.

No hell, let's be fair now: that is a fucking bitchin' guitar solo and it's followed by some truly exceptional ambient work on the keys as we head towards the end of the track. This won't be getting Gold status or anything but it's already better than all of the previous album put together. Hell, a bunch of magpies in a tree on fire would sound better than the previous album! Sorry, magpie/bird/animal/tree lovers. In fact, again, ignoring the - mostly ignorable - "vocals", this really is pretty damn good. Just as I said that, he's off again, but let him tire himself out: he'll sleep tonight. The music is really, really good, a lot better than I had expected. All right, the second track, the longest one, has its moments, and as Moe once said, it's not without its charm, but it's a little too, um, experimental for me. Superb guitar solo near the end, but it's nowhere near as good a track as the first one.

Oh right, I just got the title now: chaos and confusion. Cute. The third track has a lovely synthy opening that kind of sounds like eighties ambient or something, I think this stands a good chance of getting a Gold rating. It's really really nice. Just very relaxing, with a lot of like voice effects on the synth like a sampler, and a kind of industrial beat behind it. Gives me a sense of later Yes or something. The closer is just one minute, so I'm assuming it's either effects or a very short instrumental, or perhaps one hundred million people saying "wop". It's not one hundred million people saying "wop". It is in fact, oddly, one minute of pure silence, and given that it's titled "In Remembrance", maybe that's very significant. I wonder who or what it's in remembrance of? Can I find out? No; nobody seems to know, though given this was the band's last album, perhaps it was a "moment of silence" for the end of Pan.Thy.Monium. I reckon I'd have listened to more. Much better than expected.

Personal Rating: 7/10

Mar 02, 2024, 05:40 PM
Quote from: TheBig3 on Nov 13, 2023, 04:58 PMI still don't like albums.


Have you ever listened to someone tell a joke or a story, and afterwards you thought "That could have been 5 minutes shorter, and it would have been more effective"? That's kind of how I feel about albums. Cut to the chase, get to the meat, and cut out the fat. Yes, sometimes an album can be a connected set of songs, all moving together to create a deep tapestry of emotion and painting a beautiful picture. But you have to understand I graduated high school in 2001, and we were buying $20 albums with 18 tracks and 2 good songs. That's just what was done.


While there's a lot to dislike about the modern music industry, streaming is a godsend. I get a chance to try things out, song by song. Save a lot of cash upfront (I still haven't been compensated for what the record industry did to my paychecks in the 90's/Aughts), and invest more in going to shows.


The one area of streaming I don't think has been fully fleshed out yet is from the artists. Too many artists are still recording music as if it were the 80's. 10-12 songs on an "album." Just stop. Release 2-3 songs at a time. Work on those seriously. Throw out random covers every now and again. If your band got in a fight about how to arrange the track – release both. What do you care? Let the listener's vote. Ok so one of you loses. You can go cry on the pile of money you make from commercial success.


Too many people want to be artists through a paint-by-numbers. For every [insert your favorite artist here] there's a 30 Seconds to Mars or Maroon 5 that is just going through the motions. Or Ed Sheeren, my god. That guy is just...Anyway, I think albums are "tradition" and like all tradition, if it goes on too long it just becomes bigotry. Let it go. Write enough bangers to go on tour again. Do side projects. Enjoy yourselves. And remember, if there's no new album, there won't be a mass rush to the beer tent during the middle of your set.


Although I'm older than you and therefore should not, I actually agree with you. I was brought up on a tradition of albums, but that was only because that was all we had. And even then I certainly am familiar with the idea of the duff tracks, the tracks you skip over, the ones you listen to and hope hope hope there are going to be better, and the oft-repeated ritual of the first, or maybe first and second being great, and then the rest of the album taking a nosedive. Making albums was - and probably still is - as you hint at, kind of an excuse for artists to dump any old crap they have on the disc/mixtape/insert as appropriate to your age and era, and really, should not an artist be trying with every bone in their musical body to make EVERY track good? If a writer writes a crap story he or she is not happy with, do they include it in a collection? No. Usually. Stephen King excepted: that man can write but boy can he turn out some turkeys! So if you dont' think a song is up to scratch, why include it?

I find myself listening to albums for one reason only - well, two, but one main one: to review. I also listen to what I can once through (especially new ones or new ones by artists I like) just to see what they're like, but yeah, overall if I'm listening it's shuffled playlists. An odd song may make me want to listen to an album again, and there are some you really just can't listen to out of context with tracks, such as Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, The War of the Worlds or the first side of 2112, but generally, yeah I do agree. So many albums now are 20 or more tracks, with often very little meat in among the offal. So I would support your initiative. Now all we need is funding.

Cool idea for a journal by the way. Good to see you writing again.

Mar 02, 2024, 05:15 PM
Quote from: Guybrush on Mar 02, 2024, 10:35 AMStill eagerly waiting 🙂

Note that there is a character limit to posts that might become relevant for these sort of threads. If it becomes bothersome, I'm unsure if we can remove it, but we would be able to tweak it.

I was going to also post them to my wordpress blog, so I think if that's the case I'll just link the blog entries. Thanks for the heads up!

Edit: although I suppose it would depend on the limit. If it's possible I guess I would like to post them directly on here. Do you know what the current one is?
Mar 02, 2024, 03:51 PM

The Who...would you believe it. :D

Original form the very old Film Wizard of Oz. 8)
Mar 02, 2024, 03:19 PM
Quote from: Trollheart on Mar 02, 2024, 02:00 AMBefore I reply, are you in any way connected with the Federal Government?


But I have handcuffs and a nightstick. :pimp:
Mar 02, 2024, 02:08 PM

Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957)


B&W sci-fi/horror/comedy about a spaceship that lands in a wooded area of a small American town. Martians leave the ship and one of them is accidentally run down by a teenage couple driving down a back road. Disbelief, confusion, and comedy ensue. The special effects were mediocre and crudely done for the most part but the acting and directing was good and the writing was entertaining enough to make me laugh out loud a few times.
Mar 02, 2024, 10:35 AM
Still eagerly waiting 🙂

Note that there is a character limit to posts that might become relevant for these sort of threads. If it becomes bothersome, I'm unsure if we can remove it, but we would be able to tweak it.
Mar 02, 2024, 08:34 AM
What the hell? I've never heard of them before and just briefly checking it out, it sounds a little stupid. It's not for me.

A bit of a curiosity, if anything? I assume a lot of people like this (?).

Btw, small correction, but Ved Buens Ende means At the bow's end. Seems likely it would be a rainbow, but that'd be Ved Regnbuens Ende, regn being rain. Not that different from English in this case 🙂
Mar 02, 2024, 08:23 AM
Haha, yeah. That's a good skit.

Early Weezer is good. Undone, Tired of sex, Buddy Holly.

The Africa cover was pointless. It's completely inferior to the original and also doesn't add anything substantially new or interesting, so I find it kinda baffling when things like that get popular.
Mar 02, 2024, 08:03 AM
So... I do apologize, but I've run into some complications with getting this story to you.

For various personal reasons I am unable to continue "remastering" my novels at this moment. However, in place of that project, I am announcing a new way of delivering the core of these creative writing endeavors. Prior to writing the "full prose" versions of the books, I wrote "script format" outlines that more or less include everything that happens, just presented in the form of something like a movie script instead of a novel. This was done because my original intention for the Dreamspore Chronicles was to make it an animated series. It was a practice I continued to do, because it came in handy to be able to work with a version of the story that contained only the essentials; the characters, setting, plot and all the messages and lore that go along with them, before I started piling on the prose. The only things you will be missing in this "script format" version of the books is the more fleshed-out descriptive prose, which frankly isn't even very good in any of my novels, to be brutally honest to myself. But the core of the story is something I am proud of, and that is why I am going to deliver to you this long and twisting mythos in this form, a form that in many ways is more true to my original concept of a visual medium than the books' final form.

I will be uploading the script for Book 1 Chapter 1 tomorrow or Sunday. I do need to make edits for clarity, but it won't be nearly as much work as it would have been to redo the full prose version. So look out for that, coming soon.

As a little teaser, I'd also like to share the titles of each of the 11 books. Each title is relevant only metaphorically, and none of the titles contain spoilers. Book 12 is meant to be the grand finale to cap off the series, but I have not begun to write it yet and may not start for a while.

Book 1: To Dance Above the Dust
Book 2: The Butterfly's Song
Book 3: The Heart of the World
Book 4: The Twilight Sea
Book 5: The Shattered Sky
Book 6: A Flight of Memories
Book 7: To Bury the Divine
Book 8: The Supernova Garden
Book 9: Cross of the Lunar
Book 10: The Infinity Wish
Book 11: The Road to Morning
Book 12: The Echoes of Eternity

Working in this way has lifted a big weight off of my shoulders; I feel like I can apply myself a lot more consistently so as to keep up the flow of chapters I post. I am excited to start this project, and I do hope you enjoy.

- Lexi
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