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I guess as most of you know by now, I was hospitalized with fluid retention for two weeks. I'd like to say thing have improved but alas, they haven't for the most part.

There is some good news. I did drop over twenty pounds of fluid overall and that seems to be stable for now. They're going to try a Lasix patch to see if they can get the rest of the fluid off.

But I still struggle with everyday things. I have difficulty climbing the steps. I'm also feeling tired all the time and spend much more time in bed than I should be.

This isn't over yet though. Yes, this could be the death knoll, but it could also be the beginning of a slow but steady recovery. Anyway, will keep you guys updated as necessary :)

The Word has spoken :D

Hope things pick up for you RS. We're all rooting for you here. Don't overextend yourself and follow the doctor's advice. I'm sure better times are ahead.

I'm sorry to hear that your recovery is going slow since leaving hospital, Rubber Soul. I don't know much about fluid retention, but I think it's a tricky thing to treat; is it a thyroid problem, do you think?
Thanks for letting us know your situation, and I hope the doctors are giving you good attention.

When you say that  you're feeling tired, I wonder if that is like, "I need to sleep" or just, "I need to lie down, but my mind in high gear" ? Don't forget that just being in a hospital bed for two weeks will have reduced your normal muscle strength: that in itself is going to take time to build back up. 

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It's more like "I need to sleep." That was a problem even before I entered the hospital.

Basically, the fluid retention (and all the other things going awry on me) is related to my heart. My heart produces too much fluid and it's too much for the body to dispose of. They can give me diuretics but that will screw up my potassium levels and kidney function. They can address the potassium but the kidneys are another matter.

At least I'm stable for now. Not really any better but not any worse either.

The Word has spoken :D

i missed this thread

i hope it goes the best it can

that's basically how my dog died

keep us updated and for real wishing you the best - that's rough

Quote from: Toy Revolver on May 19, 2023, 05:22 PMthat's basically how my dog died

dude :laughing:

Anyway I hope you get better soon, rubber soul. Being stable surely is a good sign, keep us updated

maybe i shouldn't have included that but it's true

So sorry to read about your health troubles, RS. Thanks for keeping us updated and I dearly wish you all the best and a full recovery ❤️

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I wish you good health.

Thanks, guys.

But I think I've hit a setback. I've been so desperate to lose excess fluid I have turned to drinking caffeine. IT was working for a while but it shot up my heart rate to something like 116. Needless to say, I'm off the caffeine and I took an extra half a pill of Metoprolol to control the heart rate. Thank God, it worked. Now I'm around 75 bpm and can hold off on the hospital again.

Now if I can get my BP back to normal levels.

The Word has spoken :D

QuoteI've been so desperate to lose excess fluid I have turned to drinking caffeine.

just do what your doctor tell you unless you wanna meet my dog before i do, dummy

Hi Rubber Soul!

I have been missing your presence on SCD. I hope you are doing ok.
Best wishes,

To get lost is to learn the way.